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Historical background of
Divisional Secretariat Ampara
Digamadulla was a very beautiful natural place.There was a beautiful rivers,tanks,density forest and fertile land So peaple in the several placesas in Sri lanka were colonialized in the area for cultivation and animal husbandry there lived Sinhala ,Tamil and Muslim people together .They were rollowed their own culture and religives activities.there no cultural and religios barrier of them.
This area was initially administerd under the rule of Tamil Wanniars in the batticalor ditrict. After people of Wawgampathth were liked to separate Zone .As a result Wawagampaththu Zone was separated from Baticaloa in 1919 by Englishman it was adminiisterd new government agent he was a powerful administer in the area.
Galoya rapid development scheem was initiated in 1948 by the Honourable Prim Minister D.S.Senanayaka.At that time Houses ,Schools and hospitals were build road devoloped Agriculture land extended tanks renovated under this scheem. Administration was Divided as Uhana,Damana and Ampara devisional secratoriot, was administerd under the assistent. government agent devision uhana .it was established as asub office in 1984.
Thereafter,devisional secretoriat Ampara separated from divisional secrtorot Uhana in 1993.  was appointed as a government agent to devisional Ampara .it was consisterd of 22 grma niladharies division.
Bounaries of divisional secretoriot Ampara is devisional secretoriot Uhana in the borth devisional secratoriat Sammanthurai in the East devisional secrotoriat Monargala in the West.population of the devission-49411,most of the adminitrative institution in the destrict are situated in the devissional secretoiat Ampara.
 Role performed at DS
 S.No.  Name                                      From  TO
 01  Mr.D.M.M. Dissanayaka 1992 1994 
 02 Mr.P.B.Amarasekara 1994 1995 
 03 Mr.Sunil kannangera 1995                                      1996                             
 04 Mr.Palitha Weerakon 1997 1998
 05 Mr.P.M.M.M.Basnayaka  1998.6.28 2008.01.03
 06 Mr.J.K.P.Sugathadasa 2008.01.05 2008.07.31
 07 Mr.G.L.Ariyadasa 2008.08.01 2012.02.16
 08 Mr.M.M.S.K.Bandara Mapa 2012.02.18 2015.10.14
 09 Mr.N.M.Upeksha Kumari 2016.02.08 2019.02.01
10 Mr.H.S.N.De Zoisa  Siriwardena 2019.02.05 Up to


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