Administrative Branch

Following Services Could be Obtained From the Estabilishment Branch

Goal Strengthening the organizational structure through satisfied staff
Main Functions
  1. Counter sign of Documents.
  2. Certification of income and properties.
  3. Registration of Business Name.
  4. Issue of application form to obtain passport.
  5. Issue of permit for transportation of cattle.

Social Services Branch

Following Services Could be Obtained From the Social Services Branch


Encourage participation of the disadvantaged and suffering social groups in social development,by providing relief and rehabilitation and creating a background to prevent them falls into such conditions.

Main Functions
  1. Issue of public assistant monthly allowance.
  2. Issue of assistant allowance for disase.
  3. Issue of identiy card  for elders.
  4. Action to provide financial assistance for medical tretment from president fund.
  5. Issue of temporarily relief for natural disaster.
  6. Acion to provide financial assistance for disable persons.
  7. Acion to provide self-employment  assistance for disable and widows.
  8. Action to provide allowance to abnormal children under 12 years.
  9. Registrationof Volunteers organization and elders society.
  10. Providing Counselling Service.

Planning Branch

Following Services Could be Obtained From the Planning Branch

Goal Strengthening the divisional sustainable development
Main Functions
  1. Implementation of construction work and livelihood develompent plans in the division.
  2. Maintenance of information register for the planning division.
  3. Provide advisory service to plans be Implemented in the division.
  4. Arrange discussion with the coordinators and  committees of farmers in the division.
  5. Contact poshanamamma (package of nutrition)programme.

Accounts Branch

Following Services Could be Obtained From the Accounts Branch

Goal Implement and maintain sound financial transaction system to achieve the overall objectives in Divisional Secretariat Colombo
Main Functions
  1. Activities of all payments.
  2. Issue of Pension matters and railway warrant.
  3. Issue of liquor licence.
  4. Action to transfer of vehicles owner ship.
  5. Receiving revenue for (exam,fee,penalty free) etc.
  6. action to provide vehicles number plate.
  7. Issue of vehicle revenue licences and copy for the lost certificates.
  8. Renewal of registration of vehicles. 

Registrar Branch

Following Services Could be Obtained From the Registrar Branch

Goal Registration of Marriages, Births and Deaths, issue of certified copies at request and the preservation of such documents for assisting the populace to secure their rights.
Main Functions
  1. Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths
  2. Issuing Certificates

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